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I believe in index cards. I'm sure this sounds like a strange statement, but it's really not. I have a collection of index cards that I've used over the years for all sorts of things. It includes grocery lists, research notes, phone number (including some without names), to-do lists, and much more.

For example, I acquired a very old shortwave radio from my parents. I had planned to use it to acquire broadcasted time signals from the likes of WWV and WWVB. I have an index card listing all the frequencies on which time signals are broadcasted around the world.

I also have the phone number of someone I knew who lived in San Antonio. I had planned to call him and ask him about whatever happened to a mutual friend of ours that happened to have been born on the same day I was. For some reason, I never made the call and still don't know what happened to the guy.

I'm still not sure why I keep all these index cards, but I do. It's always pretty cool to end up looking through snippets of my life.